Research customized for you. We design and perform confidential work to provide you with valuable information. We have extensive experience with the latest technologies for: 

  • Developing and evaluating rapid food microbiology methods and sampling plans for detecting microbial pathogens and spoilage organisms in complex food matrices of any lot size
  • Collecting pre-collaborative or collaborative data for AOAC Research Institute review
  • Performing microbial challenge and shelf life studies to satisfy FDA Food Code and food safety requirements
  • Evaluating and modifying food formulations for microbial and physical stability 

Consulting personalized for you. We will work with your professionals to establish microbial quality and safety standards that meet or exceed regulatory as well as industry requirements by:

  • Developing vendor programs that will help ensure quality raw materials.
  • Providing confidential on-site assistance with regulatory and legal issues.
  • Establishing and reviewing microbiological services both in-house or from independent laboratories. 
  • Interpreting microbiological data already collected.
  • Evaluating cleaning and sanitation programs in your facilities.

Data Management designed for you.
  We will work with your Quality Assurance professionals to design and build a QA database. Microbiological, chemical or physical quality and safety data is often collected but rarely incorporated into useful trend analysis tools.

  • We can retrieve data collected by vendors, in-house labs, or independent labs, then build and maintain a database that provides you with valuable information for critical business decisions.
  • This confidential database will be housed off-site with rapid next-day access whenever needed.
  • Summary reports of important QA information with statistical and graphical analyses will be available in a timely fashion, freeing your professionals from routine data entry and report preparation. 

Auditing conducted for you.
We perform a variety of audits designed to evaluate and help improve your company's or your vendors' food safety, quality and HACCP programs. We will work with your Quality Assurance professionals to customize our audits to your particular vendor requirements or company quality improvement goals. With each type of audit, we will make an on-site visit, identify areas needing improvement and present you with a summary of observations and suggestions for improvement.

  • Good Manufacturing Practices Audits - This audit evaluates a plant's compliance to required GMPs in the following areas: personnel, buildings and facilities, equipment and utensils, production and process control, and warehouse and distribution. Audit focuses on application of GMP programs.
  • Food Safety and Quality System Audits - This audit assesses the systems in food manufacturing plants to assure product quality and safety. Audit focuses on documentation of GMP, food safety and quality programs, procedures and records.
  • Good Laboratory Practices Audits - This audit evaluates in-house and independent laboratories to ensure quality and accuracy in testing.
  • Sanitation and Cleaning Audits - This audit evaluates the effectiveness of the sanitation process. The cleaning and sanitizing process is observed and environmental samples are collected and analyzed.
  • Process Evaluation/Troubleshooting Audits - This audit evaluates production processes, targets areas for improvement and helps to solve problems. This audit can be used to identify root causes of contamination issues and may include product and environmental sampling.
  • Warehouse and Distribution Audits - This audit evaluates compliance with food safety and Good Distribution Practices in distribution centers and warehouses.
  • Foodservice Establishment Audits - This audit evaluates the application of food safety programs in food service settings. Audit focuses on evaluating facility, employee practices and records.
  • Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Audits - This Audit evaluates the client’s in- house or external food microbiology laboratory. 

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